Do I download klowdBUILDER™?

klowdBUILDER™ is a Software as a Service application.  The application is housed and served up in the cloud for your convenience and ability to use it anywhere that has an internet connection.


How would we use klowdBUILDER™?

klowdBUILDER™ is designed for light commercial, light industrial and large residential sites.  These are single building, single network projects.  The time saved on these projects lets your staff concentrate on the larger, more complex, more customized projects.


In my company, WHO would use klowdBUILDER™?

klowdBUILDER™ is primarily used by controls engineers, engineering assistants and sales people.


How do we get trained to use klowdBUILDER™?

Just review either the training videos or the instruction guide in the software.


Do you provide technical support?

You can contact us 24/7.


Can others see the projects that I create in klowdBUILDER™?

The projects you create are visible only to your company klowdBUILDER™ Admin.  They are not visible outside your company.  They are not even visible to klowdBUILDER™ employees unless you call for remote service and share your screen with us.


Can I use it on my phone?

The software can be accessed by any internet-connected device.  Because of the nature of the technical detail, we suggest using it with a tablet over a phone but any device can be used.


Does it create estimates?

klowdBUILDER™ is an engineering tool that creates submittals and as-builts, but since we are continuously adding features to it, we do plan an estimating tool feature for it.


Does it require any minimum computing requirements?

klowdBUILDER™ has no minimum requirements for usage since it is cloud-based.


How do I get started using it?

Sign up for the software online and then view the video playlist using the “Getting Started” button on the video and brochure page (Getting Started).

You will be creating controllers for your first submittal approximately 20 minutes from the time you sign up.