Sample Controls Submittal Point Table, etc.HVAC Controls Engineers are rare individuals.  They are typically outnumbered by the sales people that interact with customers to get the process moving and also by the technicians that start up the projects.

The controls engineer must have a deep understanding of how controls schema come together and are made effective.

Perhaps the most important function of the engineer is to create the project controls submittals and subsequent as-built.  These are the documents that get final approval from the mechanical consultant and serve as the legacy of the installation itself.

No one has ever provided any real relief for the controls engineer.  He or she is typically handed some partially- thought through information from sales and then expected to “make it work.”  On top of all of that, the expectation is that this engineer is also a drafter.

Finally, the controls engineer gets a tool especially made to make life easier.  Best of all, no knowledge of CAD or Visio (or anything else) is necessary.  Just check boxes, pull down from menus and enter a bit of data and our software produces the controls submittal.

klowdBUILDER™ really does make it that simple.